Legislation: California

Municipality Name Category Type Effective Date
Fort Bragg (City) Movable Tiny Home as ADU Zoning Code ADU 04/25/2022
Fresno (City) Tiny House On Wheels as Backyard Cottage Zoning Code ADU 01/09/2016
Humboldt (County) Movable Tiny House as ADU Zoning Code ADU 07/03/2021
Los Angeles (City) Movable Tiny House as ADU Zoning Code ADU 01/01/2020
Oakland (City) Vehicular Residential Facilities Permitted in all Residential Zones Zoning Code ADU, RV, and SF 01/19/2022
Placer (County) Movable Tiny Home as ADU, Primary Unit in certain Zones and Cluster Lot Development Zoning Code ADU, PUD, and SF 07/14/2022
Riverside (City) Movable Accessory Dwelling Units (MADU) Zoning Code ADU 07/05/2022
San Benito (County) Tiny House in Residential and ADU zoning Zoning Code ADU and SF 03/31/2024
San Diego (City) Movable Tiny House as ADU Zoning Code ADU 10/01/2020
San Jose (City) Tiny House On Wheels as ADU Zoning Code ADU 05/29/2020
San Luis Obispo (City) Recreational Vehicles as Tiny Houses in Residential Zones Zoning Code ADU and RV 11/01/2018
Santa Clara (County) Movable Tiny Homes as ADUs Zoning Code ADU 03/10/2020
Santa Cruz (County) Tiny Homes on Wheels-One Per Parcel Zoning Code ADU 12/06/2022
Sonoma (County) Tiny House as ADU Zoning Code ADU 04/15/2023
Statewide State Accessory Dwelling Unit Code Zoning Code ADU 01/01/2017
Statewide State Residential Building Code Building Code IRC 01/01/2020

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Building Code — Legislation that speaks to how to construct a tiny house.

Zoning Code — Legislation that speaks to how the lot will be used.


ADU — Accessory Dwelling Unit

DMV — Division of Motor Vehicles

IB — Industrialized Buildings

IRC — International Residential Code

PUD — Planned Unit Development

RV — Recreational Vehicle

SF — Single Family Dwelling

T — Transitional Housing

UDO — Unified Development Ordinance


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