Tiny House On Wheels as Backyard Cottage

Fresno (City), California


Name Tiny House On Wheels as Backyard Cottage
Municipality Fresno (City)
Zoning Districts All Residential Single-Family Districts (RE, RS-1, RS-2, RS-3, RS-4, RS-5)
Effective Date 01/09/2016
Municipal Code Second Dwelling Units, Backyard Cottages and Accessory Living Quarters (Section 15-2754)
Code Link https://library.municode.com/ca/fresno/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=MUCOFR_CH15CIDECOINRE_PTIIIREAPSOALDI_ART27STSPUSAC_S15-2754SEDWUNBACOACLIQU
Authority Planning & Development Department


“We are the first city in the nation to actually write into its development code authorization for ‘tiny homes,’ ” said former Mayor Ashley Swearingen. “This is an important step forward for the tiny house movement because it sets a precedent for other jurisdictions nationwide,” says Amy Turnbull, one of the directors of the American Tiny House Association. “This ordinance sends a clear message: we need to adapt our codes to accommodate new housing models and we need to do it quickly and decisively.” Fresno’s zoning code now allows any homeowner to park this kind of tiny home on wheels as a permanent second dwelling, either for use by the homeowner or as a rental unit.

“This is a hot new trend in the United States housing market,” says Swearingen. “It attracts people who are drawn to the prospect of a simpler lifestyle with less stuff, and more financial freedom.”  Some of Swearingen’s motivation comes from wanting to support local jobs and manufacturing.

Need More Info? – Fresno’s Guide to Tiny Homes


Key Contacts

Planning & Development Department
2600 Fresno Street, Room 3065
Fresno, CA  93721
(559) 621-8003


Source:  https://www.fresno.gov

Updated:  Loran – January 2021

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Building Code — Legislation that speaks to how to construct a tiny house.

Zoning Code — Legislation that speaks to how the lot will be used.


ADU — Accessory Dwelling Unit

DMV — Division of Motor Vehicles

IB — Industrialized Buildings

IRC — International Residential Code

PUD — Planned Unit Development

RV — Recreational Vehicle

SF — Single Family Dwelling

T — Transitional Housing

UDO — Unified Development Ordinance

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