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Dan Fitzpatrick

President Of The Tiny Home Industry Association

And National Tiny Home Advocate


Tiny Home Communities In The US

Tiny Home Communities In The US

Offering A Free Service To Have Your Community Featured On Their YouTube Channel Free online resource for Tiny Home Communities. They also offer Video Tours of Tiny Home Communities in the US. Tiny home communities are listed by state and type of community. For...

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 The Global Economic And Social Impact Of The Tiny Home Industry

The Go To Solution For Affordable Housing
Housing Our Veterans And Our Heroes:Promoting Multi-generational Housing Encouraging Seniors To Age In Place: Reducing Our Environmental Footprint:Best Practices For Sustainability:Mortgage-Free And Pride Of Ownership: Inspiring DIY Projects And Global Compassion: Second Chance Tiny Homes Offer Programs To Prevent Repeat Offenders And Provide A Trade In A  Booming  Industry: Schools Provide Land For Teachers And Tiny Homes
Creating A Global Sales Phenomenon
Driving The Demand For Land Sales, Builders, Manufacturing, Engineers, Architects,Work Trades, Designers, SalesForce, Transport and Providing Revenue For Inspection And Permits For Local Municipalities:Billions Of Dollars In Yearly Revenues For Hosts Of Airbnbs Worldwide Cascading Effect: Guests Supporting Local Tourism Including Goods, Services And Events Reviving Rural Destinations On The Brink Of Being Lost Are Now Thriving




Block Project: Yes In My Backyard Housing The Homeless And The Vulnerable A Bright Future For Our Youth- Creating Inspiration, Innovation  And Careers: Over 500 Schools Teach Geometry In Construction-Students Learn Math By Building A Tiny Home-And Learn A Trade Uniting Communities-Mobilizing Resources:Mentors Passing On Their Golden Wisdom Birthing A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs:Fostering Relationships And Spreading A Wave Of Much Needed Fufillment And Hope