British Columbia Tiny Homes Report to Aid Regulation Change

The BC Housing Research Centre released a long-awaited study on tiny homes. Inside it includes interviews with experts related to the tiny house industry and analyzes opportunities to regulate and support the construction of single tiny houses and villages. It features THIA President Dan Fitzpatrick and THIA Members, including Tiny Healthy Homes Owner/Builder, Ben Garratt.

A primary goal of this project was to identify lessons learned in other jurisdictions and explore barriers and opportunities for implementation in British Columbia, Canada.

"Over the past several years, I had the privilege of working with the team that developed and published this outstanding report on Tiny Homes for the province of British Columbia.  The Provincial government sponsored my participation in a symposium on movable tiny home in Vancouver -- a precursor to this report.  Much of the material presented is very applicable to similar items here in the USA and would urge you to peruse its content and safe as a great reference document."

-THIA President Dan Fitzpatrick

Download the full report, at no cost, here.

"Affordable housing continues to be a concern across British Columbia and there is an urgent need to increase housing options for homebuyers. Tiny houses are not currently permitted in the Lower Mainland and are not regulated through the BC Building Code or Vancouver Building Bylaw."

-BC Housing Research Centre

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