Sunshine Tiny Homes Joins THIA

We want to thank and welcome new THIA Commercial Member, Sunshine Tiny Homes. It is a Canadian, female owner-operated custom tiny home design and build company. Their fearless leader Pamela Robertson is also the president of the Tiny Home Alliance Canada and is a huge advocator for tiny homes in her community and BC.

“We specialize in custom design tiny homes built with impeccable craftsmanship using quality materials. Our floorplans and models are tailored to reflect your personality based on your distinct design choices. If health sensitives or environmentally friendly building materials are important to you, we offer the best options to suit your needs. Pricing varies depending on the different materials, finishes and appliances you choose. Permanent platform foundation or mobile trailer on wheels, our homes are built to CSA standards and are RVIA compatible. Your home, your way.”

Sunshine Tiny Homes creates truly lovely custom tiny homes. Browse a few available model designs on their website, including Simply Heaven. However, they offer clients completely custom design work to help you achieve your lifestyle dream. Reach out to them to learn more:

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