Tiny House Expedition, a THIA Commercial Member

A Journey With a Purpose

Maybe you’ve heard of Alexis and Christian. No? Oh, well, they are just the creators behind the little (see: uber-famous) website and YouTube channel, Tiny House Expedition

As documentary filmmakers, educators, and tiny house dwellers themselves, Alexis and Christian have made it a mission to share their "Journey with a Purpose" with all of humanity. How cool is that?  It’s just one of many reasons we are excited to welcome them as a THIA commercial member!

If you are considering a tiny house lifestyle, you couldn’t do better than starting at the heart of the movement, and Tiny House Expedition has so many ways to share with you!! Their YouTube channel, which features tours of tiny homes all across the country, just surpassed 250k subscribers! Not a YouTube fan? That’s fine; their book, The Beginner’s Guide to Tiny Houses, was just released this past year. They are also the producers of the multi-part documentary series, Living Tiny Legally, and because they’re awesome, they’ve made it available to us for free- you can find it on YouTube. Oh, and there might be a blog as well…

All About the Experiences

While it’s true that they’ve been featured guests on more platforms than anyone can count, they remain humble and true to the origins of the tiny house movement. When they aren’t filming tiny houses, speaking at events, or running the biggest website ever, you can find Alexis and Christian traveling, making friends, and choosing experiences over things- always!

If you were looking for hope in the world, know that it exists. Just google Tiny House Expedition.


As a recap, they can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,  and their website. Enjoy!

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