Peacock Tiny Home Trailers, a THIA Commercial Member

Here at THIA, we are excited to welcome commercial members Robert and Michelle of Peacock Tiny Home Trailers!

Peacock Tiny Home Trailers is a veteran-owned company with over twenty-five years of experience in construction and trailer fabrication! 

The trailer is the foundation of a tiny home, and it's essential to begin with a strong base. Peacock Tiny Home Trailers is a company that understands this, which is why they build trailers specifically designed to withstand the weight of tiny houses. And it's a good thing too- tiny houses are heavy!

If you are considering a tiny house build, do yourself a favor and let Peacock Tiny Home Trailers give you the strong start you deserve. You can send them a message here to tell them more about your project.

Want to learn more about Peacock Tiny Home Trailers? They are also available to connect on Facebook & Instagram!

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