THIA Welcomes Commercial member Atom Modular!

Looking for a luxury micro-home? How about a swanky backyard ADU? Maybe one that comes with a prepper escape-trailer to protect you from hurricanes or Coachella festivities? 

There’s no other way to say it; our latest THIA commercial member, Atom Modular, is fun!

Atom Modular builds top-of-the-line, prefabricated homes. And best of all, these buildings are modular, so you can start small and add to your unit as your budget expands or your needs require!

Everyone wants to live the good life, but if you want to do so on a budget while having less house to clean, Atom Modular can give you the luxury you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost. 

These homes can be built to be completely off-grid, so feel free to venture far and wide.

Ready for a luxury home that actually makes sense? Your Atom Modular tiny house could be one phone call away!

Do you want to learn more about Atom Modular? They are available to connect on Instagram and YouTube !

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