THIA Welcomes Commercial Member LifESCAPE Tiny Home Builders

Want to get a little more life out of your life? If so, we have the perfect tiny home builder for you! Please join us in welcoming our latest THIA commercial member, LifESCAPE Tiny Home Builders!

LifESCAPE tiny houses are built on trailers ranging from 26’ to 36’ long and can be 8.5’ or 10’ wide. They offer five standard tiny home floor plans, but their tiny house designs don’t end there! LifESCAPE is one of the few tiny home builders who will build you a custom tiny home.

Do you have a few tiny house upgrades in mind for your tiny home design? Because the LifESCAPE team has some pretty spectacular options to choose from! 

These tiny home builders can build you a tiny house kitchen with a dishwasher, a laundry room with a stackable washer and dryer, and even keep your living space toasty with in-floor heating!

LifESCAPE Tiny Home Builders is based in California, but fortunately, tiny houses are built to move. 

Where should they deliver yours?

Do you want to learn more about LifESCAPE Tiny Home Builders? They are available to connect on Instagram!

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