Rulaco Tiny Homes, a THIA Commercial Member

Repeat after us: Rulaco Tiny Homes.

After two decades of experience in custom remodeling and finish carpentry, this Ohio dream team smashed onto the tiny house scene! And wow, are we glad they’re here! 

Rulaco (pronounced RU-la-co) is a force to be reckoned with, and our team at THIA couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them abroad as a THIA commercial member!

What makes Rulaco so great? Well, their debut model, The Coop, is living proof that this team has done their research. Everything from eyeline to storage options to power needs has been thought out to the nth degree. Have you seen the way they build stairs?! That’s a new one- even for us!

"Built to Wander"

It’s important to hire an experienced builder when going tiny, and Rulaco definitely has the chops. Moreover, their houses are pretty. Like, really pretty.

Get in their build queue while you can, folks; their second model is coming soon, and we can’t wait.

 Are you as excited as we are? Perfect. If you’re ready to learn more, Rulaco Tiny Homes is available to connect on Facebook!

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