Carriage Houses Northwest, a THIA Commercial Member

Talk about a company that is moving full steam ahead! If you haven’t heard of Carriage Houses Northwest, you will definitely want to check them out. We are just a tiny bit excited to welcome them as a THIA commercial member!

All About Options!

What makes us so jazzed about this company? Well, first of all, the span of their talents. Carriage Houses Northwest is known for their tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) and detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs), as much as they are for their general contracting services. Not sure what you need? This is the company to call when you’d like options.

Making It Easy

In addition to options, Carriage Houses Northwest can also make going tiny easier. After partnering with the exclusive architect, Pedro Castro, Castro’s design won the City of Seattle’s DADU design contest. This means that Carriage Houses Northwest can now offer you a DADU floor plan pre-approved by the City of Seattle! That’s right, a faster permitting process is yours for the taking. Oh, and when they aren’t giving you tiny options and making things easier, they build tiny houses for the homeless. We could go on, but we think you get the picture.

 Want to connect with Carriage Houses Northwest? They are available to connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

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