Namastay Hideaway, a THIA Commercial Member

"Namastay with Us"

Yes, but where do you PARK a tiny home??! 

Well, you can officially stop panicking because NamaStay Hideaway has got you covered! Seriously, we couldn’t be more proud to welcome these tiny house problem solvers to the team as THIA commercial members!

Here are the details: NamaStay Hideaway is a tiny home and RV community in Van Alstyne, Texas. Its mission is to bring people together who are dedicated to remaining curious about life.

"Where Tiny Living... Grows"

Are you one of those people who can’t decide between living in a big city or on a homestead? NamaStay Hideaway has solved that problem too! Their location has a homestead vibe while being close to multiple big cities.

Honestly, we could go on forever, but we don’t have to because their tagline says it all: bring your wheels, find your tribe.

Yup. We’re crying too. 

Want to learn more about NamaStay Hideaway? They would love to hear from you and are available to connect on Facebook!

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