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Offsite Construction One Tiny Home Standards Pathway

The Offsite Construction Alliance recently launched to offer in-depth education about all aspects of offsite construction. Importantly, the Offsite Construction Expo created it by partnering with companies from across the industry. THIA is honored to be a partner!

Offsite Construction Expo (OSCE) offers focused presentations on the abilities of offsite construction across all markets. Each event features exhibits from offsite construction manufacturers and contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, architects, engineers, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. Additionally, OSCE provides educational insights into offsite construction with multiple case studies presented.

To further their reach, the Offsite Construction Alliance came into being.


Why was the Offsite Construction Expo created?

We created the Offsite Construction Expo and held our first event in 2015 to provide a “one stop” event for all things related to offsite construction for developers, contractors, and architects. We have since planned and delivered over a dozen similar events.

What is the Offsite Construction Alliance, and its goal?

The Offsite Construction Alliance was created as another place for end users to get as much information about the various types of offsite construction as possible from one source. By partnering with various related trade associations, we feel we can get the best, most accurate data on the respective types of offsite construction processes.

What are the advantages of tiny homes certified to modular construction standards, as compared to tiny homes certified to other building codes or standards? 

The advantage of tiny homes, or any modular project, certified to industry standards is that it provides a path for higher quality, greater efficiency, and ultimately lower costs. There are far too many variables and regional differences within the offsite construction community. Rather than specify exactly how homes should be built, we wanted to focus on the front-end review and approval processes, quality control issues, and clarifying jurisdictional issues. Clarifying and removing some of the redundant or unnecessary regulatory requirement so the front end will result in a streamlined construction process for everyone.

Are there any factors that currently prevent more modular builders from offering tiny homes as part of their product offerings?

Nothing prevents modular builders from offering tiny homes other than their own business models. Some factories are set up to build a certain number of floorplans and keep their lines busy with these offerings. I do think more companies are beginning to consider expanding their product lines as more states embrace products like accessory dwelling units and tiny homes to address their housing needs. Again, implementation and adoption of an industry-wide standard will help facilitate a greater uptake in all forms of offsite construction.

What are the next upcoming Offsite Construction Expo events and who can attend?

The next event is on June 23, 2022, in Sacramento, California. Registration for that event is now open and we are currently working on selling exhibit hall booths. We are targeting “qualified attendees” including developers, architects, engineers, and government agencies as the audience and industry suppliers of offsite solutions as the exhibitors and speakers for the event.

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