Maine Passes 2nd State Law for Movable Tiny Houses

Groundbreaking news: Maine passes second state law for movable tiny houses!

Governor Mills signed the trailblazing State Bill LD1530 into law on June 16, 2021—the second state law for tiny houses. In summary, it gives municipalities permission to allow people to live in tiny homes as primary or accessory dwellings. This law puts MTHs on equal footing with traditional residences and subject to the same zoning and code requirements. 

Huge kudos to local advocate leader THIA Board Member Corinne of  Tiny Homes of Maine!

“It still allows for towns to follow you know home rules status and give them local authority to write ordnances and include tiny homes in certain zones and districts,"

Corinne Watson, Tiny Homes of Maine

Learn more about Maine's Tiny House State Laws here.

Leading up to this new law, THIA President Dan Fitzpatrick worked closely with Corrine Watson when she was shut down because the state would no longer license her product. Fortunately, we were able to get a Bill 1981 approved to define movable tiny homes and provide the ability to move them on the public highways, be titled and certified, and be used as habitable units.

Behind-the-Scenes Tiny House Advocacy Work

In a recent THIA Thursday Online Member Meetup, Corinne Watson and THIA President Dan Fitzpatrick share the behind-the-scenes of what it took to get these two ground-breaking tiny house state laws passed in the State of Maine.

Watch the video replay below, typically only available to THIA members. Become a member to gain access to monthly events and our growing THIA Resource Library.

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