City of Boise Tiny House Pilot Project

Apply to Run Boise's Tiny House Pilot Project

Boise is moving forward with two cutting-edge initiatives for foundation-based accessory dwelling units and movable tiny homes. The Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) has advised the City of Boise on implementation details for the tiny house pilot project, including multiple placement scenarios. Additionally, THIA will be a go-to resource for the local organization that will run the program.

Vision for Moveable Tiny House Pilot Project

"A moveable tiny home is a small housing unit (400 square feet or less) on a trailer which can be transported from one site to another. Moveable tiny homes differ from recreational vehicles (RVs) in that they are made of traditional housing materials and are designed to look like a conventional home.

The pilot program would assist selected Boise residents in placing a moveable tiny home(s) on their land within City of Boise borders temporarily – likely 6-18 months. The pilot would include 5-6 moveable tiny homes across multiple sites in different neighborhoods. The moveable tiny homes would be required to sit on a gravel pad or other suitable foundation and be connected to utilities (water, sewer, electrical). Selected participants would need to receive approval from adjacent neighbors to place the moveable tiny home on their property. While pilot moveable tiny homes are not required to be income-restricted as with the ADU pilot, the pilot should strive to rent the units at the lowest rates that are practicable. The primary goals of this pilot are to better understand the benefits and challenges of allowing moveable tiny homes as permanent dwellings in some parts of the city, and to determine whether moveable tiny homes represent a viable low-cost housing option.

The program would ideally test several different scenarios for a moveable tiny home:

  • A homeowner rents out space in their backyard to somebody who owns a tiny home.
  • A homeowner owns a tiny home that they offer as rental housing.
  • The owner of a parcel of land allows a tiny home community by either renting out space to multiple tiny homeowners, renting out multiple tiny homes, or a combination of both.

tiny house pilot project

Tiny House Pilot Project Request for Proposal (RFP)

The City of Boise is requesting proposals from firms who can adequately demonstrate the resources, experience, and qualifications to administer two housing pilot programs:

1. Provide incentives and assistance to 10-12 homeowners to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and rent it at affordable rates for a period of ten years.
2. Assist selected Boise residents in placing a moveable tiny home(s) on their land within City of Boise borders temporarily – likely 6-18 months. The pilot would include 5-6 moveable tiny homes across multiple sites in different neighborhoods.

Apply for RFP 22-210 Housing Pilot Program here.

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