Tiny Homes In Mobile Home Parks

Rocky Mountain Home Association, Western States Summit


Cheyene Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs

Byron Fears, owner of SimBLISSity Tiny Homes and our Director Of Communications for THIA attended the Summit. Byron did a Power Point presentation about Tiny Homes On Wheels.

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington and California

All the Mobile Home Park representatives for the western states were present. Byron feels there was a lot of interest and he really got their attention. The representatives provide guidance to all mobile home parks in the west, they are the liaison with the government and they lobby to help create ordinances and laws. They are THE experts and go to people when there are questions to issues.

Problems Addressed In The Conference

No mobile home parks have been built in the past 10 years
Difficult to finance a mobile home.
There are many empty lots in parks across the country
Tiny do not comply with HUD codes.
To increase density of use would require dealing with planning Departments

Tiny Homes On Wheels Are Legal In Mobile Home Parks In Arizona

According to Susan Brenton, Executive Director of Manufactured Housing of Arizona, Tiny Homes on Wheels are legal in mobile home parks in Arizona. The newer parks primarily cater to the modular market. The older parks  are most appropriate for Tiny Homes.

Byron  suggested they may be able to put two Tinys on one lot to increase density and rental income or  they  could section off part of a park for just Tinys.

Further communication was agreed upon with several of the Directors.

Overall, Byron feels his presentation went extremely well, they are better educated, they expressed some interest and feel  we have great possibilities. The possibility is exciting!

Tiny Homes Find A Place In Flagstaff

Hope Construction Company signed a development agreement with the city last month allowing them to build a mobile home park on a currently undeveloped 2.9-acre piece of land at the intersection of Soliere Avenue and Fourth Street.

Article Source Arizona Daily Sun

How The Tiny Home Movement Fits Into The MHP Industry

Reduction In The Mobile Home Park  ”Stigma”

The mobile home park industry has battled an unfair stigma for decades, created by the media’s delight in running shows such as Trailer Park Boys and Myrtle Manor. This “trailer trash” stigma is being eroded by positive media attention. Who ever thought that a mobile home product would be on the cover of Dwell Magazine or an RV in Town & Country? It is our hope that the stigma will eventually be extinguished in most of America, as it has already been put to rest in most states north of Oklahoma.

Article Source Mobile Home University


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