Tiny Homes In Lyons, Colorado

Tiny Homes In Lyons, Colorado



Tiny Homes Are Legal In Lyons, Colorado

The journey to legalize tiny homes on wheels  in Lyons, Colorado was a three year journey.  We  need to thank Byron Fears, owner of SimBLISSity Tiny Homes for being on the forefront of this  battle. Byron Fears is the Director Of Communications for the Tiny Home Industry Association ( THIA ).

I want to chronicle this  journey that has helped the entire tiny home industry.

Chuck Ballard, President of Pacific West Associates and Director of Standards for THIA was also instrumental in legalizing tiny homes in Lyons, Colorado.

According To Connie Sullivan: Mayor Of Lyons, Colorado

In Lyons, you can now have a tiny home on wheels as an ADU. The only place in CO where it is legal to do so. Kudos to the PCDC for their work on this complex ordinance. They spent two years researching and crafting a policy that will allow home owners to become or partner with tiny home enthusiasts to create affordable living solutions in Lyons.

Lyons doesn’t often “go first” where policy is concerned, but in this case it was important to lead. Boulder County has a serious affordable housing shortage, and we understand tiny homes thanks to local businesses like Wee Casa and SimBLISSity. This was a well thought out effort with a lot of input. Let’s see where it goes, but I look forward to getting to know the folks who are part of this movement. They will fit right in. Just another reason why Lyons is the coolest town on the front range.

Accessory Dwelling Units In Lyons, Colorado

Dwelling Unit, Accessory (ADU) means a second, subordinate unit co-located on the same lot as a principal residence in a single-family residential zone district. An accessory dwelling unit is no larger than eight hundred (800) square feet and may be either added to, co-located with as a detached unit, or created within a principal single-family detached dwelling.  ADUs are created for the purpose of accommodating a second family that lives separately from the family residing in the principal single-family detached dwelling.   An ADU is occupied by a second family that enjoys spatially segregated living space that provides for cooking, sanitation and sleeping that is separate from and accessory to and subordinate to the principal single-family detached dwelling.  In this definition, “family” refers to that term as it is defined in this Section 16-1-160.

Article Source townoflyons.com

Town Ordinance 1047

Tiny Homes Get Unanimous Approval From Lyons Planning Commission

Lyons has struggled with an insufficient stock of affordable housing since the 2013 floods ripped through the community. On Monday night, the Planning and Design Commission unanimously passed a resolution recommending that tiny homes on wheels be allowed under the town’s code, offering one more potential option to a community constrained by regulations and geography.

Article Source Patch

Small But Mighty

Sensing a need in the market, Fears started SimBLISSity to build larger and more luxurious tiny homes. “When we first started in 2014, I got hate emails accusing me of destroying the movement,” says SimBLISSity’s Byron Fears. “When you watch the TV programs,” he says, “it’s clear that most of those houses are designed by a guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend.” In those tiny lofts, “you’re restricted to one position, and that doesn’t encourage romance, so we built in sofas and all sorts of creature comforts,” he says. Fears adds that living in Colorado requires more space to store winter gear for playing o

“I see the tiny house movement as only growing from here,” says Alexis Stephens of Tiny House Expedition. “We live in a world with a lot of chaos and instability, and it makes too much sense to live within your means.”

Tiny Homes And Tiny Roadblocks

How Small Can You Live In Boulder, County?

The Aspen, a 24′ tiny home built by Byron Fears  was featured in The Boulder Weekly, at the beginning of his journey to legalize tiny homes in Lyons, Colorado. In 2015, tiny homes on wheels were not allowed. All structures had to be attached to a foundation.

Article Source The Boulder Weekly

Byron Fears

Lyons, Colorado

Byron Fears is the head creative and designer of custom built SimBLISSity Tiny Homes, located near Boulder, Colorado.  His love of Tinys led him and his wife, Dot, to a path of building for, and ushering people towards, more sustainable and size-appropriate lifestyles.

Byron is an enthusiastic, multifaceted individual who has participated in many creative careers and is now totally captivated by “Changing the world one Tiny Home at a time!”

Byron’s experience living Tiny in vans, sailboats, and RV’s, and his decades of extensive building and remodeling experience combine to create beautiful, space-efficient yet comfortable Tiny Homes on Wheels.  Byron understands that choosing to live in a Tiny Home is not a tiny thing, but is a serious commitment; he can offer helpful advice, even counseling.

He loves to be a “voice of reason” to make your dreams of Tiny living a happy and successful reality.  He has a refreshing and exciting approach to living and reminds everyone, “You don’t need to be a Monk to live Tiny.” You can enjoy luxury in simplicity. Additionally, Byron offers full design and Tiny Home building services, Tiny Shells for the DIY’ers and a 911/Rescue service for those do-it-yourselfers who need assistance at any stage of their design or build.

Byron is constantly reminding everyone that “SimBLISSity doesn’t build Tiny Houses, they build Tiny Homes.   There is a big difference!”

Byron and his wife Dot live off-grid in Bliss Canyon near the utopian society of Boulder, Colorado.  They are a living example of alternative and sustainable living.

He always strives to prove that “Not all Tinys are created equal!” and takes great pride in building sustainable Tiny Homes to help support sustainable lifestyles in hopes of a sustainable future for the Plant Earth.

SimBLISSity has built 30 Tiny Homes to date; Byron will be speaking at this year’s Jamboree on appropriate building materials for Tiny Homes on Wheels; you can count on him the make this subject matter interesting and entertaining.

SimBLISSITY Gypsy Bliss Wagon

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes is certified by Pacific West Associates, experts in the RV Industry with over 30 years experience.



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