Tiny Homes Allowed In Moscow, Idaho

RVs, Park Models, And Tiny Homes Allowed In Mobile Home Parks

Written by Janet Thome

The Moscow City Council removed the 6-month restriction of RVs in mobile home parks last night, through a unanimous vote. Park Models and tiny homes on wheels will also be allowed in mobile home parks in Moscow as well for full-time hookups year around. It was heartwarming to see supportive comments from each city council member.

Led by Mayor Bill Lambert, the city council also suspended the rules requiring three, complete separate readings, to be read by title, and published by summary. Mayor Bill Lambert” Ordinance number 2020 Days O1 an ordinance with the city of Moscow, Idaho a MunicipalCorporation of the state of Idaho, providing for the amendment at Moscow city code title 6, chapters, 2, 3 and 4 regarding amendments to the mobile homes parks and recreational vehicle parks chapters providing that the provisions of this ordinance are deemed severable and providing for this ordinance to be in full force and effect from the day of its passage approve and publication according to law. ”

The City Of Moscow, Idaho

Able Mobile Home Community Allows Tiny Homes



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