THIA Welcomes The WellNest Company!

If you are a senior or have one in your life, you have to know about The WellNest Company. Like, forget retirement homes, there is now a much better option! 

We literally couldn’t be more proud to welcome The WellNest Company as a THIA commercial member!

The WellNest Company was created by five siblings who watched a loved one age far away and in a place that didn’t feel like home. So they set out to change that.

WellNest tiny homes are backyard caregiving units that allow occupants to age in place comfortably. They allow for autonomy, privacy, and independence, and for all parties to have the support they need.


WellNest tiny homes have been designed with senior’s needs in mind. 

These homes feature fall-protection flooring, smart home technology, ADA bathrooms for accessibility, and 24-hour alert systems!

Would you or a loved one benefit from a WellNest tiny home? 

This team cares deeply, and they’re standing by to build you a WellNest of your very own!

Do you want to learn more about The WellNest Company? They are available to connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn  and Pinterest

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