THIA Welcomes Freedom Tiny Homes!

Simple, sleek, and modern- does that sound like you? If so, you have to meet our latest THIA commercial member, Freedom Tiny Homes

Freedom Tiny Homes is a tiny home building company based out of Colfax, California. But since they specialize in building tiny homes on wheels, you can take your Freedom tiny home anywhere you like. 

Freedom Tiny Homes offers four tiny home models: Monterey, Napa, Pasadena, and Tahoe. They range from 24’ to 36’ in length, and are 8’-10’ wide. 

Are you wondering how much these tiny homes cost? 

One thing we like about this company is that they offer a range of price points. For example, their Monterey model starts at 107k, while their Tahoe model goes up to 143.5k MSRP.

So why would you choose Freedom Tiny Homes over the competition? 

Well, as a subsidiary of Right Construction Inc., they come with over twenty years of experience in the construction industry. They also prioritize quality materials, innovative design, and sustainable business practices. 

And isn’t that everything you want in a tiny house building company?

Do you want to learn more about Freedom Tiny Homes? They are available to connect on Facebook, and YouTube!

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