Seeking Public Comments In Support Of Tiny Homes

The City Of Phoenix Planning And Zoning Department

Written by Janet Thome

Elizabeth Singleton, CEO, and Founder of Arizona Tiny House Developers is seeking public comments in support of tiny homes for the city council of Phoenix, Arizona. The deadline is August 1st, 2020. Please address your comments to the City of Phoenix Planning and Zoning Department.

Deadline August 1st: Thank You For Sending Comments To:

Please send comments to

Arizona Tiny House Developers

Photo Credit: ”Blue” Arizona Tiny House Developers

Benefits Include:

  • Broadens  Homeownership
  • Affordable Housing Solution
  • Housing For The Homeless
  • Homes For Veterans
  • Homes For Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care
  • Alternative To Assisted Living
  • Can Be Built ADA Compliant
  • Encourages Multigenerational Housing
  • Aging In Place
  • Dorm Alternative
  • Extra Income Streams
  • Encourages Community
  • Encourages DIY Building Skills
  • Youth Are Learning Math Skills By Building Tiny Homes
  • Promotes Manufacturing
  • Creates Careers
  • Creates High Paying Work Trade Careers
  • Tiny Homes Have Brought Entire Towns And Destinations On The Brink Of Being Forgotten To Thriving Communities
  • The Tiny Home Industry Is Still Thriving Despite The COVID Epidemic
  • Fills The Need For Housing Shortages

Elizabeth Singelton

About Elizabeth Singleton

The founder and owner of Tiny House Developers, Inc., Elizabeth Singleton is the only female African American owned tiny home manufacturer and builder in the United States.

Elizabeth’s extensive background in affordable housing, both personally and professionally, gives her work a holistic and innovative approach from conception to cutting the ribbon.

A nationally sought after speaker and author in the Tiny Home arena, Elizabeth’s Arizona based factory is also an influencer on the national government policy level helping to bring the tiny home into mainstream housing options.

Ben Carson And Elizabeth Singleton

With her current project through her company, Tiny House Developers, Elizabeth is developing the first urban mixed-use community designed to lift up and empower those seeking to live a more simplistic sustainable, and affordable lifestyle.

Plus through her work with her nonprofit, Build us HOPE -Housing Opportunities Provided for Everyone, Elizabeth built the first Veteran tiny home community in Arizona which is helping to fight discrimination and poverty. She is in the process of building her second veteran community which is due to open first of 2021.


It is because of this unique perspective that her business, Tiny House Developers, serves not just the tiny home needs of the residential market. But is also a sought after consultant and developer in the community, veterans, vacation resort, and minority markets for tiny home living.

Elizabeth Singleton

Elizabeth Singleton Was Awarded The Women’s History Month 2020 Award From Renaissance Financial

Thank You

Thank you in advance for taking the time to write in support of tiny homes in Phoenix, Arizona.  Even if this is not your state, your support is needed. Every door that is opened for tiny homes is a win for the entire industry and adds to our documented proven history that tiny homes are a viable solution for housing and the industry is on fire!

Your jurisdiction could be next! Let’s make it happen.

Please send comments to

# Making Tiny Possible



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