THIA Welcomes Commerical member Out of the Box Properties!

So you want to buy a tiny house. Or maybe you are interested in shipping container homes. But wait- are those better than skoolies or a converted sugar silo??

If you can’t decide what kind of alternative housing is for you, you’ll definitely want to call Out of the Box Properties!

They know a thing or two about unique homes, and they just became our latest THIA commercial member! Please join us in welcoming them!

Out of the Box Properties is a team of real estate agents who help you reimagine becoming a homeowner. They understand that a white picket fence isn’t for everyone, and they are prepared to help you weigh your housing options.

Out of the Box Properties also works with investors, so even if you don’t plan to live in your barndominiam or geodesic dome-home, they can still help you get your hands on the house you envision!

Gahh! Our friends are so cool.


And hey, when you finally move into that 1950s diner you converted into a theme home, can we come over? Cool, thanks!

Do you want to learn more about Out of the Box Properties? They are available to connect on Facebook, and Instagram!

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