Montana Tiny Home News

Montana Tiny Home News

The search for home: HRDC without land for tiny home village  Oct. 27th, 2019

More than two years after announcing plans to build Montana’s first tiny home village, a Bozeman nonprofit is still searching for where to put it.

Human Resource Development Council recently bought land at 206 E. Griffin Dr., to build a collection of tiny homes for people who have chronically been homeless along with Bozeman’s first year-round shelter.

But that spot’s not going to work because the infrastructure for the village won’t be there in time, said Tracy Menuez, associate director of HRDC. The nonprofit has a new two-year deadline to get its first 12 tiny homes built as part of a recent $500,000 contract award from mortgage association Fannie Mae.

Article Source Bozeman Daily

Ward 2 City Council candidates differ sharply on budget, affordable housing, gun laws Sept 26th, 2019

Becerra said there is a need for more diversity of options, including multi-family homes, “tiny homes” and single-family homes. “I also think we need more infill development, and need to think creatively and collaboratively,” she said. “Some of it will have to be funded through public resources, and some of it will have to be done through incentives.”

Article Source 8KPAX 

Fix the Housing Crisis? It’s Complicated, But Not Insurmountable August 3rd, 2019

Bozeman, Montana, needs 1,500 housing units, right now. And it’s projected to need over 6,000 by 2023. With unmet need, rapid growth, and an unemployment rate of 2.5 percent, this small Western city with a population of about 50,000 and a median home price of nearly $450,000 faces acute housing challenge.

Article Source CityLab

Whitefish tiny home development on the rise July 19th, 2019

But now, living large doesn’t need a lot of space thanks to a new tiny home development that’s taking off on Nelson Lane.

Garth Boksich — who has been a realtor for the past 15 years — has seen firsthand how big the demand for rental properties has been in Whitefish.

Article Source KRTV

You Can Stay At An Adorable Tiny Home Village Next To Glacier National Park Jul 15, 2019

Tiny home hotels and resorts have been popping up throughout the country, from themed tiny homes like a “Hobbit House” at the Wee Casa Resort in Lyons, Colorado, to River and Twine , a tiny home hotel complex in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, that’s surrounded by restaurants and breweries.

Article Source kgun

Bozeman HRDC awarded $500K to build tiny home village May 23rd, 2019

A Bozeman nonprofit is still mapping out how to make Montana’s first tiny home village for people without a place to live. It just got some more help.

Mortgage association Fannie Mae announced Wednesday that the Human Resource Development Council was one of five contract winners in its national challenge for projects that intersect housing with health.

Article Source Bozeman Daily


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