Indiana Tiny Home News

Indiana Tiny Home News

High school students build houses for homeless veterans Nov. 12th, 2019

Students at Summer Creek and Kingwood Park High schools joined together on a project called “Students Helping Veterans: Big Heroes, Tiny Homes” over the past school year.

On each campus, students have been working hard to build a tiny home for a homeless veteran and have raised thousands of dollars from the community.

Article Source Chicago News

Group to build tiny home community for veterans in southern Indiana Oct. 21st, 2019

LEAVENWORTH, Ind. (WDRB) — Homeless veterans in southern Indiana will soon have a place to call home, thanks to a relentless veteran’s advocacy group.

Desley Snyder has had a vision to build a healing place for homeless or at-risk veterans for years in southern Indiana.

Article Source WDRB

Tiny House Hotel has big appeal April 9th, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – If you blink you just might miss it, one of the city’s newest and most unique places to stay, the “Try It Tiny” hotel.

The tiny hotel opened in March.

“It is a little pop-up hotel of five tiny houses in the heart of downtown Indy,” said Brittany Clute.

“Try It Tiny” is tucked between a building and a normal-sized house just south of Lucas Oil Stadium. Clute, the company’s events director, describes it as a tiny place with grand appeal.

“They’re like little hotel suites on wheels or houses on wheels with everything you need inside,” Clue said.

Each of the houses sits on a trailer, which brought it to the site. The houses range from 150 to 220-square feet and they are all themed.

Article Source WTHR

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