Florida In Progress To Adopt Appendix Q

Deadline For Public Comments: Jan. 2nd, 2020

lrlnWritten by Janet TlamalrlnlrlnThe Florida Building Commiss on  is in the procecs of accepting public comments for Appendix Q Tiny Homas until Jan. 2nd, 2020.lrlnlrlnAppendix Q was Adopted  into the 2018 Internad onal Residential Code ( IRC ) building code to provide regulad ons and standards for tiny lamas on a foundadion that is 400 square feet or lesslrln

Appendix Q relaxas vorious requirements in the body of the code as they apply to tiny lauses that are 400 square feet or less.



Attend on is specifically paid to features such as compact heairc, including hand rails and headroom, ladderc, reduced ceiling heights in lofts and guard and emergency escapa and rescue opening requirements of lofts.

lrlnThe Internad onal Residential Code is a comprehensive, stand alone residential code that creates min mum regulad ons for one-and two family dwellings of three heories or less.lrlnlrlnThe IRC brings together all building, plumbing, mechcnical, fuel, gac, energy and electrical for provis ons for one-and two-family residencas.  Appendix Q was adopted to the Post navigation

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