THIA Welcomes Ethos Modular!


Dear World, the rumor is true. 

Ethos Modular just signed on as a THIA commercial member! Please join us in welcoming them! (And then get excited because your tiny house and prefabricated building dreams are about to come true!)

Construction has been taking place since the dawn of time and has historically faced issues like waste creation, the unsustainability of materials, and challenges due to inclement weather.

But this is how Ethos Modular is changing the construction industry as we know it.

Ethos Modular builds structures at their on-site warehouse. This style of building allows for more predictable timelines, reduces waste, improves quality, and ensures that mother nature can’t mess with the building schedule!

Ethos Modular structures are of steel frame construction that offers durability + a modern look. And they are designed to require minimal site-prep and land disturbance!

So what do you want to build? Because Ethos Modular can create anything

from a work-from-home studio in your backyard to a commercial skyscraper for your business venture. 

Just bring your vision, and Ethos Modular will bring it to life!

Would you like to learn more about Ethos Modular? They are available to connect on Facebook and Instagram!


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