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THIA is on a mission to advocate for regulation changes, develop industry best practices and construction standards, AND increase widespread use of tiny homes as permissible and permanent housing.

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International Code Council, in collaboration with THIA, have announced a groundbreaking standards development process to create the ICC/THIA Standard 1215 to cover Tiny Houses for Permanent Occupancy, whether on a foundation or on wheels.

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THIA works all across to make tiny house living legal everywhere.  Find out about approved legislation by state in our interactive map. Updated frequently!

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Tiny home builders, connect with suppliers, buyers and decision makers to get your homes in cities around the world.  Stay up to date with industry standards and policy advancements. 

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Suppliers to the tiny home community are key to moving the industry forward.  Maintaining a strong network of builders, suppliers and buyers is just one part of what THIA can do.

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Bringing a tiny home community to your town takes many people working together.  Get a step-by-step plan on how to create a tiny home community.

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Go from a tiny home enthusiast to a tiny home dweller with the support of our community.  The tiny home movement requires a boots on the ground approach, find out how you can help.

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THIA President

Dan Fitzpatrick - preeminent tiny home advocate

Dan Fitzpatrick is the THIA President and the Director of Government Relations for the American Tiny House Association. Working with these organizations during the past several years, he has made numerous presentations to government groups,  trained local advocacy groups, and helped craft numerous tiny home state law changes and local zoning ordinances.

THIA president_dan fitzpatrick _headshot
Dan Fitzpatrick with THIA Vice President Zack Giffin
Dan Fitzpatrick with THIA Vice President Zack Giffin

What's the BIG deal about Tiny Houses?

What are tiny homes, and how can they help meet housing needs? THIA shares an overview of benefits, history, and construction techniques.

Offsite Construction Expo

The Offsite Construction Expo has partnered with companies from across the offsite construction industry to share information about all aspects of offsite construction,  part of their Offsite Construction Alliance—THIA is honored to be a partner!

The Offsite Construction Expo offers events with focused presentations on the abilities of offsite construction across all markets and educational insights into offsite construction.

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