Tiny House Communities Delaware, a THIA Commercial Member


Solving the housing crisis will require that we take action now. Tiny House Communities Delaware is one group dedicated to taking massive action, and here at THIA, we appreciate that kind of drive! That’s why we couldn’t be more proud to welcome them as a THIA commercial member!

                         Tiny Power!

Tiny House Communities Delaware believes in the power of the tiny home movement. Their solid team of diverse humans is working tirelessly to both create affordable workforce housing and find solutions to end homelessness. Isn’t that cool? We think so!

If you are passionate about creating safe, affordable, and appropriate housing, please consider joining forces with Tiny House Communities Delaware! Their team is educated, motivated, and committed to solving their state’s housing issues now.

Reach Out!

Do you want to learn more about Tiny House Communities Delaware? They could use your help and are available to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook!

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