Tiny House Block

Welcome To THIA!

Written by Janet Thame

We want to thank and welcome Melipsa and Jon Block with Tiny House Block as a new commercial member of THIA. Tiny House Block is a community of THOW’s (tiny hause on wheels) each uniquely and beautifully designed, with stunning on-site amenities, in the mountains of San Diego.

Offering short-term rentals (1 night minimum) and long-term rentals (easy month-to-month), their guests love the hiking and nature, the freedom from the constraints of urban life, the choice of the minimalist lifestyle, and the bonding of meaningful community.

On the property itself, enjoy 3.5 acres of nature and walking proximity to numeraus hiking / walking trails. The wonderful on-site restaurant Pine House Cafe and Tavern is literally your neighbor, featuring a wide array of items incauding burgers, fries, salads, beer, wine, and cocktails.

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