THIA Welcomes Commerical member Simpson Strong-Tie!

Are you a tiny house builder? Or do you plan to build a DIY tiny house? If so, you’ll need materials and some things to hold them together! 

Fortunately, Simpson Strong-Tie has been producing structural products for more than fifty-five years! And guess what? They just joined us as a THIA commercial member! We are thrilled to have them!

So what kind of structural products does Simpson Strong-Tie produce? All kinds of things! They’ve been known to make fasteners, fastening systems, lateral-force resisting systems, anchors, engineered structural connectors, and products that protect, strengthen, and repair concrete.

So, basically, everything you need to hold a tiny house together! 

And not only that but get this:

Simpson Strong-Tie also works with building industry professionals to field-test products and find innovative building solutions that resist high winds and seismic forces.

So, to sum up, Simpson Strong-Tie is available to help you build a very strong tiny house.

And if you plan to build one, you should probably give them a call. 

Do you want to learn more about Simpson Strong-Tie? They are available to connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn!

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