Start Up: Rent The Backyard Seeking Partners

San Francisco Start Up-Rent The Backyard Seeking Partners: No Upfront Cost

Rent The Backyard

Written By Janet Thome

Rent The Backyard- A San Fransisco start up co-foundered by  Spencer Burleigh and Brian Bakerman are seeking homeowners with backyards that have at least a 30X 30 space to partner up with – AT NO COST TO YOU. Rent The Backyard was created in hope’s of easing the Bay areas housing crisis- by building granny units.

Zero Upfront Cost

With Rent the Backyard, you don’t need to invest any of your own money to start. When you leave your home, just pay for the equity you haven’t yet unlocked.

Rent Your Backyard In Three Easy Steps

We build your unit for free

They handle permitting and building your unit. You pay nothing unless you sell your home.

We list your unit online

They  make a professional listing and find a high-quality tenant or short term guests. They will  even handle maintenance.

You get half the rent

Each month, you’ll get a check or bank transfer for half your unit’s profit.

How Do You Qualify?

You own a home in the San Francisco Bay Area
Your backyard is 30 X 30 feet in size
You live in your home most of the year

Your Backyard Studio Apartment

Comes with everything your guests need to live independently.

Is beautiful and radically sustainable – powered by NODE

Is built almost entirely offsite and requires minimal backyard assembly.

Plus Hus pre-fabricated studio units

Spencer Burleigh and Brian Bakerman , who both went to Carnegie Mellon University, are working with companies like Plus Hus that build pre-fabricated studio units. According to the Committee to House the Bay Area, or CASA, about 300,000 of these small units can be built without affecting traffic or density.

What Are The Perks?

  • You can even choose your own tenant, friend or relative
  • Wow- just a reminder- no upfront costs to you
  • They take all the hassle away of getting permits
  • Fast process
  • Amazing income potential
  • Alternative to assistive living
  • Private space for a family member

Article Source NBC Bay Area

For More Details Call 888 350 0470

Rent The Backyard

525 Market Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

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