South Dakota Tiny Home News

South Dakota Tiny Home News

Hill City breaks ground for affordable housing development Dec. 4th, 2019

HILL CITY, S.D. — In a ground breaking ceremony on Wednesday, Hill City celebrated the beginning of an affordable housing development that will hopefully have four houses completed by next year.

Thirty-four new single family, tiny homes and duplexes will be built in Hill City within the next few years.

The affordable homes range from $175-250 thousand built by Scull Construction Company.

“It will be a really first-class development, and it will also improve the neighborhood, so it’s pretty fun,” said Jim Scull.

The vote was unanimous to approve a $2 million in tax increment financing is going toward the success of the development. Without this, the homes would be an additional $35 thousand or more.

Article Source NewsCenter

Tiny homes initiative will train veterans for workforce August 30th, 2019

The VSAC Project, Gates said, would employ veterans for 30 days to a year at a time through the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Compensated Work Therapy Program. Each veteran will learn up to three job skills, such as electrical, welding, plumbing or other construction skills. Under the supervision of a journeyman, veterans will build the tiny homes. By the time they leave the Compensated Work Therapy Program and the VSAC Project, veterans are expected to be trained and qualified to obtain jobs.

Article Source Rapid City

Tiny House Raffle Fights Homelessness On Pine Ridge Reservation August 30th, 2019

Seven homes have been built as part of the pilot project. With the initial project, the group will examine the design and make any necessary changes before exploring a second floor-plan.

The home being raffled is a 240 sq. ft., unfinished tiny home. Tickets are on sale for $25.00 for one or $100.00 for five tickets.

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