Oregon Regulation Of RVs And Park Models

SB410 And HB2333: Go Into Effect: January 1st, 2020

Written by Janet Thome

Last week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law a bill that eliminates the Department of Consumer and Business Services from regulating RVs. With the enactment of this new law, the need to attach an additional and duplicative Oregon insignia of compliance or seal to RVs is eliminated and Oregon joins the vast majority of states which do not regulate the manufacturing of RVs. Additionally, the new law removes the requirement for PMRV manufacturers in the state of Oregon to use licensed plumbers and licensed electricians to make installations and repairs. The bill, OR SB 410, takes effect on January 1, 2020.

The changes the new law implements are common sense and help promote not only the national RV industry but also the Oregon RV industry which contributed $4.3 billion in economic impact and supported almost 23,000 jobs in the state of Oregon.

In addition to SB 410, another bill, OR HB 2333, was passed unopposed by the Oregon state legislature. This bill defines RVs and PMRVs as vehicles under the regulation of the Oregon Department of Transportation. HB 2333 is awaiting a signature from Governor Brown and we expect this to happen in the coming days or weeks.

The RV Industry Association would like to thank all the legislators and officials who contributed to the successful passage of both SB 410 and HB 2333. Special thanks to Senator Lee Beyer on his work to pass SB 410, and special thanks to Representative Duane Stark, Representative Greg Barreto, Representative Paul Holvey and the other sponsors of HB 2333.

Source: RV Industry Staff

SB 410 Eliminates Department Of Consumer And  Business Services Regulation Of Recreational Vehicle Construction.

Eliminates general definition of recreational vehicle for purposes of manufactured structure construction statutes. Creates a substitute definition of recreational vehicle for use in certain statutes outside manufactured structure construction statutes. Eliminates department regulation of recreational structure construction.

Eliminates department regulation of construction and installation of yurts on campgrounds for use as transitional housing.

Revises requirements for prefabricated structures that cease to qualify for exclusion from state building code regulations. Preserves, for land use law purposes, existing definitions of shared terms affected by state building code exclusions. Expands types of structures intended for out-of-state delivery exempted from the plan review, inspection, electrical, plumbing, or other state building code requirements.

SB 410

Oregon HB 2333 Relating To Recreational Vehicles

Allows the option to obtain title, but not registration, from the Department of Transportation for recreational vehicle qualifying as park model recreational vehicle and meeting other criteria. Provides that recreational vehicle having title issued by Department of Transportation does not qualify as structure. Requires owner to surrender Department of Transportation title for a recreational vehicle if converting a recreational vehicle to use as structure.
Makes recreational vehicle converted to use as structure subject to state building code. Requires seller of a new recreational vehicle to provide the purchaser with written information listing specified living area systems. Requires that information state for each listed system whether items or components comprising the system are covered by warranty and, if so, extent and length of warranty.
Removes recreational vehicle construction from regulation by the Department of Consumer and Business Services. Changes definition of “recreational vehicle.”

HB 2333

























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