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Open House Oct. 19th -27th, 2019

Written by Janet Thome

MyKabin- a Seattle-based construction firm specializing in affordable and sustainable, turnkey detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs). MyKabin re imagines the DADU construction process by focusing on creating beautiful, cottages with a minimally disruptive installation process that saves homeowners time, money and the hassle of a lengthy construction project. Handling the process completely from permitting through inspection.

MyKabin removes the headache of hiring and coordinating from the homeowner, while simultaneously guaranteeing an upfront price that’s more affordable than other construction methods. With extensive customizable options and a strong sustainability commitment, MyKabin is the best DADU solution for Seattle-area homeowners.

MyKabin spent almost a year working with the city, engineering every aspect of the design from the foundation to the roof. The time and technology investment allow them to offer an easy, hassle-free, turnkey option for building a backyard cottage at a price most Seattle homeowners can afford.

For Ronnie & Wendy Cunningham, Seattle natives and owners of the newly finished inaugural MyKabin DADU, building a DADU in the backyard of the Madison Valley home bought in 1975 had been a goal for years. But after fourteen months of navigating the city’s permitting process and receiving construction bids of over $300,000, the project seemed to be hitting insurmountable roadblocks. Enter MyKabin.

Open House For MyKabin’s First Seattle DADU

The Cunningham Kabin at 432 31st Ave E will play host to an open house from October 19-27, 2019, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. daily, allowing Seattleites a special up-close & in-cottage view of what a MyKabin build can be. MyKabin team members will be on hand to answer questions and to help visitors search to see if their home is eligible for a DADU.

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Legislation Passed in July To Ease Restrictions On Backyard Cottages And Basements

On July 1, 2019 the Council unanimously passed legislation (Council Bill 119544) that will make it easier for more property owners to build backyard cottages (detached accessory dwelling units or DADUs) and basement units (attached accessory dwelling units or AADUs) and therefore provide more housing options for people living in Seattle.


Turnkey, Affordable Options Starting At $110,000


How Big MyKabin?

MyKabin currently offers 3 standard sizes and custom options of DADU/ ADU depending on your need.

Small: 253 sq. ft

Medium: 340 sq. ft

Large: 378 sq. ft

What’s Inside MyKabin?

Each Kabin comes built with a full bathroom, a kitchen with refrigerator, cooktop, and counter space, and a closet that is plumbed and powered for an optional washer dryer. MyKabin handles all permitting, site work, and utility connections so that once installed, your backyard cottage is ready to use.

Can I Customize MyKabin?

We are able to sell Kabins at such a low price by standardizing our construction process. With this said, some things are customizable in our DADUs/ADUs. Owners have the option of deleting the kitchen and/or bathroom and closet for some cost reduction. Owners may also customize colors and certain finishing materials such as flooring and cabinetry materials in their backyard cottage.

What Is The Construction And Installation Process?

Our DADUs/ ADUs are built off site where MyKabin can streamline production, quality control, and achieve efficiency so that we can pass the cost savings on to you. All Kabins are designed to state and city building codes and are engineered to be highly energy efficient. Just prior to delivery MyKabin will come to your property to install a foundation and prepare utility connections for your backyard cottage. Once your Kabin is complete and your backyard is ready, your DADU/ ADU will be delivered to your property by truck and then lifted by crane into your backyard. Foundation and utility connections will be completed and finishing touches added. Final installation inspection will be completed by the City and Seattle and then you’ll be ready to move in or rent the unit. MyKabin will manage each step of the process.

Are There Any restrictions On How I Use MyKabin?

The City of Seattle allows DADUs/ ADUs to be used for a wide variety of uses, including AirBnb, monthly rentals and personal uses.

Can I Finance The Purchase Of MyKabin?

Most homeowners in Seattle with verifiable income have enough equity in their primary home to get a home equity line of credit fro a backyard cottage. We have partnered with HomeStreet Bank who has a loan officer familiar with homeowners wishing to finance a MyKabin. While we encourage you to meet with a qualified lending agent to determine your actual cost, the approximate monthly payment on a 20-year line of credit could be $450 per month.

Is My Property Eligible For A Kabin?

Each property is different, so we offer a free assessment of your property’s eligibility for a Kabin. Contact us and we can get started right away!

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