Tiny Home on Foundation (THOF) as Permanent Dwelling Units

Garfield (County), Colorado


Name Tiny Home on Foundation (THOF) as Permanent Dwelling Units
Municipality Garfield (County)
Zoning Districts All Zoning Districts
Effective Date 03/23/2017
Municipal Code Not Found
Code Link http://Not Found/
Authority Community Development Department


A Dwelling Unit is allowed in all zone districts within the County. However, not all “Tiny Homes” are considered a Dwelling Unit. In order to be considered a Dwelling Unit the following must be met:

A Dwelling Unit must meet and be permitted to the 2015 International Residential Building Code (“IRC”).  The IRC stipulates that Dwelling Units are constructed using certain standards, some of those that are relevant to tiny homes include:

  • A Dwelling Unit must have a foundation. As such, the unit cannot be on wheels which precludes Park Models and other typical Recreational Vehicles as allowable Dwelling Units. Units on a chassis may be allowable if they meet the foundation-related provision
    of the IRC.
  • Tiny homes can be site built. Pre-built units must have a Division of Housing Label from the State similar to what manufactured homes have.
  • A Dwelling Unit must have a kitchen with a sink.
  • A Dwelling Unit must have a toilet, lavatory, and a bathtub/shower and must have running hot and cold water.
  • A Dwelling Unit must be hooked up to a sanitary sewer or approved On-Site Wastewater Disposal System (OWTS). The OWTS does allow for alternative types of sanitary sewer including composting toilets.
  • A Dwelling Unit must have one habitable room of 70 square feet (kitchen may be a part of this room) with a minimum dimension of 7 feet in any horizontal dimension.
  • A Dwelling Unit must have a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.
  • A Dwelling Unit must be a heated structure.
  • A Dwelling Unit must meet all engineering requirements for Garfield County including snow load and wind load requirements.
  • Tiny homes must meet the specific requirements for lofts, loft access, and emergency egress from lofts as per Appendix V of the IRC (See Website).
  • If the Tiny House is being used as a second or Accessory Dwelling Unit on a property, a land use permit is required prior to obtaining a building permit.
  • Verify if there are any Home Owner Associations or covenants that might limit the minimum size of dwelling units for your neighborhood.

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Key Contacts

Community Development Department
108 8th Street, Suite 401
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
(970) 945-8212


Source: https://www.garfield-county.com/

Updated:  February 2021 – Loran

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Building Code — Legislation that speaks to how to construct a tiny house.

Zoning Code — Legislation that speaks to how the lot will be used.


ADU — Accessory Dwelling Unit

DMV — Division of Motor Vehicles

IB — Industrialized Buildings

IRC — International Residential Code

PUD — Planned Unit Development

RV — Recreational Vehicle

SF — Single Family Dwelling

T — Transitional Housing

UDO — Unified Development Ordinance

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