New Edition Of IRC Appendix Q: 2021

New Edition Of IRC Appendix Q: 2021

The International Residential Code is a comprehensive, stand alone residential code that creates minimum regulations for one-and two family dwellings of three stories or less.
Appendix Q-Adopted  into  the 2018 International Residential Code ( IRC ) building code to provide regulations and standards for tiny homes on a foundation that is 400 square feet or less.

The ICC publishes new editions of the International Codes every three years. To Learn more about Appendix Q and the ICC Development Process click Here,

Martin Hammer- Architect and the original co-author of the Appendix Q has been the primary proponent of the new edition of Appendix Q 2021. Martin and the following co-proponents have been involved with the editing and public comment process in various degrees of involvement since December 2018.

Co-Proponents Include:

David Eisenberg: Developer Of The Strawbale Appendix Of The 2015 IRC
Chuck Ballard: President Of Pacific West Associates and the Director of Standards Of THIA
Brad Wiseman: CEO and Chairman of THIA
Thom Stanton: COO and President of THIA
Zack Giffin: Co-Host of Tiny House Nation And Board Member Of THIA
Byron Fears: Owner and Builder of SimBlissity Tiny Homes

2019 Group B Proposed Changes To The I-Codes Albuquerque Committee

2018/2019 Code Development Group: B -ICC 



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