THIA Welcomes Commercial member Dixie Fire Collaborative!

The Dixie Fire was the largest single wildfire in California history. 

It burned 963,309 acres over the course of three-and-a-half months and cost $637.4 million to fight. The Dixie Fire destroyed or damaged many communities, including Greenville, Canyondam, and Warner Valley, which are still recovering today.

The loss from this single event is staggering, but fortunately, Dixie Fire Collaborative is proof that community will always rise when we stick together. 

Dixie Fire Collaborative is our latest commercial member here at THIA. We are honored to have them and couldn’t be more inspired by the work they are doing. 

If you live in California or want to get involved, they hold regular meetings, host community events, and have housing plans in the works to rebuild the lives of the people who remain.

The world is a wild and mysterious place, but Dixie Fire Collaborative shows us that humanity will always prevail.

Do you want to learn more about Dixie Fire Collaborative or get involved? They are available to connect on Facebook and YouTube.

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