Central Coast Tiny Homes, a THIA Commercial Member

thia welcomes coast tiny homes!

 Here at THIA, we are excited to welcome Central Coast Tiny Homes to the team as our latest commercial member! So what are they known for? Well, in their words, building tiny houses that don’t feel tiny!


Central Coast tiny homes are expandable houses, so you can have the mobility you desire with the space you need when parked. And speaking of mobility, you should also know that this company doesn’t do lofts or ladders. So if you would benefit from a more accessible tiny home, Central Coast could be the team for you!

"your new home awaits"

Do you want a tiny home with big windows and a luxury kitchen? Excellent. How about a spa-like bathroom and built-in furniture options to display your favorite things while keeping them handy? We thought so. 

Central Coast tiny homes are stunning, and if you can imagine it, they can probably include it!

We’re running out of room here, but before we go, we have to tell you one last thing: they already have a financing partner lined up to help you. So just relax, and give them a call. Your Central Coast tiny home is practically on its way!

Do you want to learn more about Central Coast Tiny Homes ? They are available to connect through their website!

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