Briter Products Joins THIA

Specializing In Premier Lithium-Ion RV Batteries

Written by Janet Thome

We want to thank and welcome Briter Products, INC as a new commercial member of THIA. Briter Products is located in South Bend, Indiana, an experienced leader in developing electronic and mechanical solutions for transportation, education, and Government customers. They create a wide variety of products, primarily for Recreational Vehicles and Marine applications, to challenge and go beyond the standards of the industry.

Ion Ready Lithium Battery

Engineered to be unequaled, Briter’s Lithium-Ion Battery leaves no detail unnoticed.  From the LCD status screen to its steel casing to its a prismatic cell architecture to secure safer, longer-lasting, ventless green rechargeable power the details will delight.

Briter Products’s Ion Ready Lithium Ion Phosphate Deep Cycle battery offers safety, an easy to use LCD battery status display, and 5000 cycles of power, outpacing lead-acid batteries and other lithium-ion battery systems.

The steel casing ensures durability and resistance to vibrations or impact while simultaneously providing stable conditions for the charging, storage, and output of power.  Internally, components are robotically bolted.  Over the long term life of this battery, this feature allows for uninterrupted power because connections cannot break. 

Safety Reassurance

  • Batteries Come In Sturdy Metal Cases
  • Fuse Protection Between Each Cell
  • Charge-Discharge Protection
  • Internal Heat Sensing

Technical Specification


In 2020, Briter Products was awarded by Indiana Technical Assistance Program (INTAP) for proposal for increasing battery safety.   The award demonstrates Briter Products commitment to improvement of the performance and features of their lithium ion batteries. 

Briter Products



901 N Bendix Drive

South Bend, IN 46628


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