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Colin Williams, a licensed contractor and the founder of Almost Heaven Tiny Homes is a custom builder of modular and tiny homes on wheels in West Virginia.

This is his story.

My name is Colin Williams. When I was 8 years old, my family moved from suburban Ohio to the hills of Almost Heaven, West Virginia. My mother was determined that we grow up where the air and water were fresh, and where we could grow food in our garden that was safe to eat. We lived simply, spending much of our time outside playing in the woods. We built tree houses, and other makeshift forts, using what we had. Everything served multiple purposes. This was good Tiny Home training.

My mother instilled in us the value of hard work, but also the value of creativity. Imagination. We learned that dreams can come true.

I followed my dreams. I wanted to work in the theater, so I went off to college and then out into the great big world. My journey allowed me to travel to all 50 states, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East.  At 40 I found us living in suburban Florida. Time was flying by. Life was great, but I began to feel the need to reconnect to the land, and to simplify.

In 2003 my wife and I moved back to Morgan County, West Virginia where I built us a modest log home. The year I spent building my home, we lived in a small converted carriage barn (tiny house) on my mother’s property. We found that we didn’t really miss any of our “stuff” that we had stored away. Over the next few years, as a licensed building contractor, I worked with homeowners to build modestly sized, energy efficient homes. Then the market crashed in 2008.

Throughout my life, I have found that every time one door closes, the next one opens. In 2009 I helped start Mountain View Solar, one of the very first solar companies in West Virginia. Solar was still new to most folks, so I spent much of my time educating the public to the benefits of renewable energy, and speaking as often as possible on solar energy technology and practical ways we all can live a little greener.

Today I find myself ready to build again. I have partnered with my long time friend and Master Builder, Butch Caldwell to form Almost Heaven Tiny Homes. Here at our shop we are building tiny homes for Big Dreamers! We will also be providing a space for those who wish to build their own tiny homes. Going tiny is a great way to simplify and find out what is really important. Are you ready to Dream Big and live Tiny?

My Inspiration

This giant double White Oak stands majestically behind my house. When I was looking for a property to build my dream, I knew I would know when I was there. When I came upon this “Lion’s Oak”, I knew I was home.

Simplify and live your Dream

Today’s modern world has become so hectic and stressful. Many long for a simpler, more peaceful life. Tiny Homes can be a gateway vehicle to that place.  Almost Heaven Tiny Homes is building tiny spaces that allow you to Dream Big!

West Virginia Is Tiny Home Friendly!

Colin is going to share more information regarding tiny home friendly counties in West Virginia. Stay Tuned

Big Dreamers Wanted

Almost Heaven Tiny Homes


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