Alabama Tiny Home News

Alabama Tiny Home News

AHS class plans to sell newly built Tiny House Nov 18th, 2019

Auburn High School took on a life-size endeavor that usually requires a team of trained carpenters and engineers and scaled it down to fit the classroom for students to handle with the Tiny House Project in 2018.

After many hours of work with building science and construction teacher Jessica Bowlin, the project was unveiled at the end of October.

The 220-square-foot home comes with appliances like a washer, dryer and stovetop, along with a working bathroom and space for a bed.

Springville Council passes resolution on tiny houses, approves charity festival Sept. 24th, 2019

SPRINGVILLE — The Springville City Council held its second regularly scheduled meeting of the month on Monday night, Sept. 23. Most of the new business for the evening involved updating and approving ordinances to meet the demands of the growing city.

City attorney James Hill introduced the proposed ordinance because the city did not have anything in place to address the trend in tiny housing. The tiny house movement has gained popularity, in recent years, with people looking for small, efficient housing and simpler lifestyles. Tiny houses can be built in various ways but typically are 600 square feet or less.

According to Mayor William Isley, the new ordinance addresses construction regulations and building codes. Permits to build houses would still be routed through the planning and zoning offices. The new ordinance, 2019-20, updates and replaces existing housing regulations passed in 2015.

Article Source Trusseville Tribune 

‘Tiny homes’ for students planned for Jackson College campus July 17th, 2019

The school is planning to build a tiny home village near two of the residence halls and James McDivitt Hall, with plans to open the first four in early 2020. Jackson College plans to build up to 20 tiny homes in the space, said Jim Jones, a college vice president.

Article source Michigan Live 

New College Professor Fulfills Dream of Building Tiny House February 22nd, 2019

Ever since she was a little girl, Dr. Amanda Espy-Brown, a University of Alabama New College instructor who teaches interdisciplinary science, wanted to live in a tiny house.

“My interdisciplinary science class has been coming out to see land use and look at forestry patterns. We talk about soil, soil erosion and clear cuts – what happens to the soil after a clear cut and how it affects the water. So it’s a big lesson on conservation and how a system works together. If you cut trees, it affects your water, soil. I’m also developing a new class that will use the tiny house and explore how where we live affects who we are.” Dr. Amanda Espy-Brown

Article Source A News Center

Stone Canyon Cabins is a Alabama Maker That Is a Big Player in the Tiny House Business December 17th, 2018

A large number of tiny homes are built in a small Alabama town. Stone Canyon Cabins is producing the tiny houses in a 150,000 square foot factory in Brilliant in Marion County.

Article Source Alabama Newscenter 



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