THIA Welcomes 14 Acre Designs and Furniture!

If you feel drawn to the tiny home movement, chances are, you’re looking for a home with a bit of magic. 

Fortunately, our latest THIA commercial member, 14 Acre Designs and Furniture specializes in bringing that special touch. Please join us in welcoming them to the team!

14 Acre Designs and Furniture is a custom woodworking company from Mendocino, California. Their products include stools, chairs, trays, coffee tables, end tables, deck posts, doors, and more! 

Even if you know woodworking, we bet you haven’t seen it on this level. This company can do carvings and inlays, work with stained glass, and integrate metals or resin into their designs. 

So are you a tiny home builder looking for a countertop your clients won’t forget? Or are you planning a DIY tiny home build and need the headboard of your dreams?

Whatever your plans are, 14 Acre Designs and Furniture will be standing by to add that magic touch!

Do you want to learn more about 14 Acre Designs and Furniture? They are available to connect on their website!

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