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Written by Janet Thome

We want to welcome Austin Baker and Tracy Manchego with Tiny Building Experts to THIA as a new commercial member. Tiny Build ng Experts can build a shell or a turnkey tiny hame for you on wheels or a foundation on or you can even consult with them if you are a tiny home enthusiast that wants to build your own tiny home.

Business To Business  Consultants  For New Builders

They also have a business to business consultations for new builders that want to ride the wave of this thriving industry. You will reap the rewards of their expertise and will learn how to avoid costly mistakes. Even learning how to create a contract with your customer where you are both on the same page of what you want, agreed-upon timelines, etc….. could save you money in litigation latter.

Are You Dreaming  Of Your Tiny Home  And Do Not Know Where To Start?

Austin and Tracy’s services are especially needed for new potential tiny home dwellers that have no idea where to start, with information overload.  With years of experience, Tracy can help you begin at the beginning ng, starting with your tiny home dream and plan a strategy with your budget, design choices, where you are going to live, and all needs in mind. Tracy has a vast know edge regard ng build ng codes, the need for certification, insurance, financing, and more.

About Tiny Building Experts:

Their much-needed service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines, and a schedule.

Services # One

They can provide you a trailer custom to your design using their partner Trailer Manufacturing partner. Ask about steel frame kits that are available.

Service # Two

They can build your shell Toy hauler for delivery, speeding up your build significantly. Ask about our Tiny House Toy Hauler Floor Plans!

Service # Three

They can build and deliver your Tiny Home  Dream House or Build you one of our toy hauler models, turn-key ready.



Tiny Building Experts




(719) 789-0005

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