THIA Welcomes The Tiny House Advisor!

Finances are one of the main reasons people go tiny, which is why we’re having a total fan meltdown about our latest THIA commercial member, Laura Lynch, The Tiny Home Advisor

Once upon a time, Laura Lynch worked for a big financial brokerage, but she desired a life that felt more free, more meaningful, and more like her.

So she and her partner, Eric, purchased eight acres of land, built a tiny house on wheels, and made a 30-month escape plan to create financial freedom! 

And now she’s helping you do the same.

Through her tiny house podcast, Less House, More Moola you can get inspired by other tiny home dwellers who’ve downsized in the name of financial freedom. 

And if you’d like one-on-one help, Laura can assist you with making a financial plan! 

So are you ready to make your tiny home dreams come true? Do you want to get out of debt, get organized, and finally stop worrying about money?


If you’re ready for tiny home abundance, it’s time to give Laura Lynch, The Tiny Home Advisor a call!

Do you want to learn more about The Tiny Home Advisor? Laura is available to connect on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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