THIA Welcomes Pacific Builders Crew Inc.!

If you agree it’s time to reinvent the world, you have to meet the team at Pacific Builders Crew Inc.! We are thrilled to welcome them to the THIA family as commercial members!

What makes this company so unique? They build with an amazing new material called “Ecoplasso.” 

Ecoplasso is a composite material made of recycled plastic and a few additives for toughness. Ecoplasso is formulated into bricks that you can use to build anything! 

This award-winning material has many benefits. It’s lightweight, low cost, pest resistant, can withstand intense weather, and doesn’t require the use of additional insulation. Ecoplasso also helps our planet by reusing plastic.

And anyone can build with Ecoplasso! 

All it takes is a couple of tools and someone with some time. You’ve played with Legos, right? 

We could go on, but honestly, you should just call Pacific Builders Crew Inc. so you can start building your Ecoplasso tiny house ASAP!

Do you want to learn more about Pacific Builders Crew Inc.? They are available to connect on YouTube!

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