THIA Welcomes Teacup Tiny Homes!


Sorry, that was us having a bit of a fan freak out because, guess what?!

Teacup Tiny Homes just joined us as a THIA commercial member! Like, THE Teacup Tiny Homes! Please join us in giving them a welcome high-five!

If you have been on a tiny home journey, you need to know about this Canadian builder. 

Yes, regardless of which country you live in, because Teacup Tiny Homes builds tiny houses on wheels and park model homes to both U.S. and Canadian standards.

Teacup Tiny Homes is a woman-owned, woman-run tiny house company, and trust us, Jen’s houses are stunning. 

Maybe it’s the spa bathrooms with the bay windows. Or maybe it’s the fact that heated floors come standard in Teacup builds. Whatever it is, we fell in love big time.

OK, we’ll stop gushing, but Teacup Tiny Homes is a pretty popular company! So if you need a tiny house, be sure to get in touch sooner rather than later!


Do you want to learn more about Teacup Tiny Homes? They are available to connect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest!

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