Rafter B Tiny Homes

Rafter B Tiny Homes Located in Bluff Dale, Texas

Written By Janet Thome

Rafter B Tiny Homes is a family affair, owned by two brothers in Bluff Dale, Texas.  Gerald Barton is the CEO and brings his expertise in finance, business development, and the real estate industry and J.J. Barton is the builder.

With almost 20 years of various types of construction experience, J.J. can bring creative ideas to your Tiny House build. Although the construction industry can sometimes come with a few stigmas, J.J. has stood out head-and-shoulders above most. Because of his honesty, integrity, and reliability, J.J. has been working with many of his subcontractors for years. Because of these long-term relationships, J.J. can ensure that each of the trades offers superior quality. J.J. also manages his own multi-talented crews that will be used for a portion or all of your project, depending on the specific trade needed.



Strong Customer Service

The Barton brothers pride themselves with exceptional customer service and want to build you the tiny home of your dreams. They have several standard floor plans to offer and also specialize in the custom building as well. They regularly update customers with videos and photos of your exciting home as the building of your tiny home progress and welcome your questions.

Yes There Is A Story To Their Name

Rafter B started as the Barton family’s cattle brand back in 1972. The brand was registered in Tarrant County in the State of Texas to identify the livestock that belonged to the Barton family. It was only fitting to keep the family brand name as part of our Tiny Home business. Gerald and J.J. have each built a reputation of honesty, integrity, and reliability in their professional careers. They have brought these same qualities together to run a family business building Tiny Homes. The Barton Brothers have a passion for helping people. They are excited to combine their unique skillsets to bring an excellent product to the Tiny Home movement.

Available For Your Tiny Home Village Or Development

Rafter B Tiny Homes is available to build tiny homes for your resort, Tiny Home Village or development. Rafter B Tiny Homes has been chosen as the exclusive Tiny Home Builder to bring tiny home accommodations to the Members of the Sundance Club.  

Club Members will have the unique opportunity to own a Tiny Home that will be located in the heart of the Club in the area known as Camp Sundance. These top-quality 10’x30’ luxury Tiny Homes will feature covered patios, golf cart parking, optional outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, and more. These unique Tiny Homes coupled with the World Class Facilities and beautiful natural surroundings will be unmatched in the Tiny Home Industry.

A Tiny Home For Our Veterans

Each year, Rafter B Tiny Homes will build at least one  Tiny Home and donate the home to someone experiencing homelessness or a Veteran. They are looking for partner organizations to help move this effort forward.  If you’re interested in helping us to make an impact, please reach out on our Contact Us page.





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