Pat Dunham, The Tiny House Advisor, Joins THIA

Specialist In Tiny Spaces

Written by Janet Thome

We want to thank and welcome Pat Dunham as a new commercial member of THIA. Pat is a well, known and loved Tiny House Advisor and specialist in downsizing and small spaces. Pat is a sought out speaker and is an expert in outlining ways you can live comfortably in your own small space. Her ideas work for space-challenged living environments from tiny hames to efficiency apartments to RV’s and boats.

Tiny House Advisor Pat Dunham

Long before the tiny house movement began, Pat lived a life in tiny living quarters for several years aboard a boat with her husband and six children. Like so many who dream the ‘tiny-house dream, she had a fairly good-sized hame with lots of space, and lots and lots of stuff filling it up.

Pat and her husband made the decision to let go of our fairly good-sized house along with much of the stuff that filled it, it wasn’t out of necessity, but out of wanting to live a freer, simpler lifestyle. It took a while to sort through everything, distribute the keepsakes and mementos and find a place for everything else, but now…what a great feeling to be rid of the overwhelming overabundance and living the life of my dreams! And now we do feel so free without the encumbrances of a mortgage, big utility bills and maintenance costs, and the strain of living our golden years in a large house.

Tiny House Advisor Pat Dunham

Pat downsized from a 1200 square foot house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garage to a 235 square foot tiny home that she designed and supervised the construction of and lived in with her husband and a 35-pound dog, Annie until a recent fire  destroyed their tiny hame,

They safely got out of the hame with the clothes on their back and thankfully, many neighbors pitched in a helped and set up a Go Fund Me account.

The greatest casualty was that she thought she was insured but she was not. Pat has a lot of wisdom regarding insurance that she wants to pass on after this unfortunate incident.

Please read one of Pat’s latest blog post regarding the incident.

Experience- A Good Teacher


How Can Pat Help You?

Do you dream of being debt-free and living a less stressful life with more time to enjoy the things that are important to you…family, travel, hobbies, community service, or maybe even a new career? Do you wish you were free of the things that tie you down?

Give Pat A Call To Get Your Dream Started.

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