THIA Welcomes Naples Kitchen Cabinets!

Storage is one of the main concerns in a tiny house build, and nothing creates storage quite like high-quality kitchen cabinets! So if you plan to build a tiny home or remodel your small living space, you have to meet our latest THIA commercial member. Please join us in welcoming Naples Kitchen Cabinets to the team!

Naples Kitchen Cabinets operates out of Naples, Florida. The owner, Arnulf Albrecht, brings over thirty-five years of Austrian cabinetry experience to his work, and whenever possible, he likes to refinish instead of replacing cabinets.

The tiny house lifestyle is all about upcycling, reusing, and reducing waste, so we are 100% on board with any company that can help us turn something old into something new. And Naples Kitchen Cabinets can do that while saving us money. 

So. If you live in Florida, and need a great set of cabinets or a cabinet re-fresh, just call Naples Kitchen Cabinets. We have a feeling you’ll be as impressed as we are!

Do you want to learn more about Naples Kitchen Cabinets? You can connect on Facebook!

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