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Welcome Michael Carmona

We want to welcome and thank Michael Carmon with Mac Insurance, INC  for joining THIA and supporting our advocacy efforts.  Michael is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and specializes in the Lloyd’s of London Tiny Home policy. Mac Insurance can write policies in over 40 states. Regardless if you self built your tiny house or had it professionally built they can insure it.

Tiny Home Coverage Can Include:

  • Personal Property
  • Liability
  • Manufactured Built
  • RV Certified And Non-Certified
  • Theft
  • CoveragecWhen You Are On The Move
  • Trip Collision

Types Of Tiny Houses That Can Be Covered:

  • Tiny Homes OncWheels Stationary Or On The Move
  • Tiny Homes Without Wheels Or On The Move
  • Park Models
  • DIY Built
  • Manufactured Built
  • Professionally Converted Van And Schoolies

Tiny Homes Can Be Used As:

  • Primary Home
  • Tenant Occupied
  • Second Home-Vacation Home
  • Airbnb

Builder Coverage:

A builder can be covered for general liability, professional liability, business auto, and inventory

What Is The Difference Between A Homeowners Policy And The Tiny Home Policy?

Regular home insurance policies weren’t written to cover a hame that has the ability to be on the move or has a chance of getting stolen. 

Types Of Coverage In The Tiny Home Policy

Coverage – Dwelling – This is the value of your tiny house if it gets damaged. We insure as low as $25,000 to as much as $150,000. If you buy it from a builder the price of purchase is usually the coverage limit. 

CoveragecB – other Structures – This is for your solar panels, built on decks, and other property structures that are not part of the tiny house. We can do up to $50,000.

Coverage – Contents – All personal belongings inside your house. If you were to turn your tiny upside down and whatever fallout is part of your personal property. Clothing, pots and pans, TV, electronics, your bed, etc.

Replacement Cost for Contents – whenever you have a loss your contents will be replaced brand new and not at its depreciated value. Meaning your 5-year-old TV that might cost $40 now would be replaced by a $500 TV. 

Theft of Contents – We can offer up to $3,000 in theft coverage for your belongings.

Theft of Tiny Home – If you are worried about your tiny house being stolen then you need this! We provide a tracker so that if your house was ever stolen we can always have a way of finding it. 

Trip Endorsement – If you’re the type of person who travels with your home or needs to move it from an old location to a new we can make sure you are always covered on the go. 

Personal Liability – Provides coverage for inside your premise and outside your premise. If someone were to get hurt on your premise and they were to sue you this is where your liability comes in. It would help pay towards any medical bills or charges from a lawsuit. This also covers you if you were to accidentally somehow hurt someone else. Like when a snowboarder collides with another or a fisherman hooks his buddy. Personal liability would also cover your tiny home if you are renting space on someone else’s property in case you cause damage to their property.

Wood Stoves- They will insurance tiny homes that have wood stoves as their primary heat!!!

Mac Insurance, INC


5200 Meadows Rd.

Lake Oswego, OR 97035


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